Monday, November 26, 2012

Not a Baby Shower Attire

Blouse: Vintage
Jeans: Bebe
Shoes: Bebe 'Teygan' pumps
Purse: Gucci
Watch: Michael Kors

I wore this outfit to a baby shower about a week ago. Now, I know what you’re thinking this is not a baby shower appropriate outfit. However, I went shopping with a couple of friends and ran some errands thinking I was going to have time to go home and change in time for my friends shower. Unfortunately, I had way too much fun at the mall and it didn’t happen. After completing my weekend shopping agenda, I headed to the shower in this semi-risqué top.

Have you ladies ever been in a situation where you had to wear an outfit you didn’t feel comfortable in or wasn’t appropriate for an event?



  1. Hahaha!! Yeah, I've been in those situations alot, where I was wearing something that I was not comfortable in. It was while I was going from a 'tom boy' to a 'girly girl'. LOL, I found a lot of clothes uncomfortable.

    I love this outfit, mostly the pants. Love the colour, I should get a pair like that!

    1. I know that could be a difficult transition, hope you were able to pull it off. They have these colored denim everywhere now. Thank you for visiting me. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Thanks,for yur lovely comment on my blog.
    Love your outfit.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

    1. Thanks Missie, I am now following you on bloglovin and GFC. Hope to see you soon



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