Monday, August 5, 2013

Peek Back Romper

How cute is this peek at the back! 

Romper: Bebe (HERE)
Shoes: Bebe (HERE)
Bracelet: Juicy Couture 
Ring: Boutique in Miami 

The past two weeks were super busy for me. I had an event which I attended throughout the week. Last Monday I took the day off to relax and recuperate from my busy week. For this reason, I was unable to take pictures. My mickey mouse pajamas and I were curled up in bed that Saturday and Monday when I was free.  

I cannot believe it is August and Fall is around the corner. I am usually not a Summer girl. However, I am not quiet ready for Summer to end just yet. I took advantage of the weather and wore this romper over the weekend attempting to persuade summer not to leave so soon. 

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  1. The peek on the back is cute, but i think the peek on the front is WAY cuter! lol If i were summer, I SURE wouldnt leave!! Nice outfit, u look awesome! x


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